• Smith Nephew 66020043 Allevyn Dressing 3x3 Box10

Smith Nephew 66020043 Allevyn Dressing 3x3 Box10Allevyn Adhesive dressing provides the advantages of Allevyn hydrocellular dressings in a self adhesive format for simple and effective fixation.


  • Low allergy adhesive
  • Tapered construction with micro-thin edges
  • Unique trilaminate structure
  • Perforated wound contact layer
  • Highly absorbent central hydrocellular layer
  • Waterproof and bacteriaproof outer film layer
  • Full range of sizes

Promotes early healing
Allevyn Adhesive dressing / bandage allows the formation and maintenance of a moist wound healing environment at the wound surface, preventing eschar formation and promoting rapid and trouble-free healing.

Profiled dressing edges
Allevyn Adhesive has a profiled cross-section, narrowing to micro-thin edges which ensure the dressing remains securely in place and reduces the risk of accidental removal by shear between the dressing and clothes and bedding.

The outer polyurethane layer of Allevyn Adhesive dressing prevents strike-through of excess exudate from the dressing, and minimizes the chances of cross-contamination and wound infection, therefore enhancing patient comfort and reducing healthcare costs. It also allows the amount of fluid in the dressing to be monitored.

Cushioned Comfort
Allevyn Adhesive dressings are soft and cushioning, giving excellent patient comfort and protection.

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Smith Nephew 66020043 Allevyn Dressing 3x3 Box10

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