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Why Welch Allyn Otoscopes?

Posted By: Sara Published: 07/24/2017 Times Read: 1746 Comments 0

A brief overview of Welch Allyn's extensive offering of otoscopes. A leading manufacturer in the healthcare industry, Welch Allyn is known for their extensive line of high quality products in the categories of patient monitoring, blood pressure management, thermometry, cardiop

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Pediatric Office Musts!!!

Posted By: Tom Published: 06/12/2017 Times Read: 8504 Comments 0

Here is a quick list of Must-Have items for Pediatric offices...Pediatricians need the necessary tools to care for their young patient and we are 100% always their to help.

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Why Mohawk Medical Mall for Exam Tables?

Posted By: John Published: 06/01/2017 Times Read: 1933 Comments 0

Exam Table buying can be stressful, especially when you are shopping online and you don’t know the company you are buying them from. Take a look at this testimonial…

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Top Selling Physician Scales

Posted By: John Published: 01/31/2017 Times Read: 1666 Comments 0

Healthometer Professional Scales are now the leading brand of healthcare scales in the United States. This is no surprise being Healthometer Professional continually provides the Healthcare Community with high quality, innovative digital and mechanical medical scales in the industry.

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X-Ray Viewboxes Available from Mohawk Medical Mall

Posted By: Riley Spellman Published: 11/23/2016 Times Read: 1997 Comments 0

We at Mohawk Medical Mall offer a wide variety of Wolf X Ray Viewboxes, including the Wolf 1 Bank insight Series X-Ray Viewbox Illuminator, Wolf 2 Bank inSight Series X-Ray Viewbox Illuminator, Wolf 28001 VuPlus Mammography X-Ray Viewbox Viewer, Wolf 4 Bank inSight Series X-Ray Viewbox Illuminator, Wolf X-Ray MG-7 Series 2 Bank X-Ray Viewbox and Wolf X-Ray MG-7 Series X-Ray Viewbox. Each model is unique int its offering.

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