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Healthometer Professional Scales are now the leading brand of healthcare scales in the United States.  This is no surprise being Healthometer Professional continually provides the Healthcare Community with high quality, innovative digital and mechanical medical scales in the industry. All Healthometer Scales are designed with the Healthcare Professional in mind, offering them the very best scale to fit their needs.


Two of the Best Selling Physician Scales Mohawk Medical Mall offers are the Healthometer 402KL Mechanical Beam Scale and the Healthometer 500KL Digital Physician Scale. Let’s take a look at these two scales and examine what makes them so popular.


The Healthometer 402KL Mechanical Beam Scale has been the workhorse for Healthometer Professional since it’s arrival. The simple design and quality, solid construction make it an extremely dependable scale. The easy-to-use height rod, provides measurements from 23” to 84” at the same point the patient’s weight is taken. Healthometer’s industry leading limited warranty protects against defects for an unbelievable 10 years. The Healthometer 402KL features a 390 lb weight capacity, allowing use by a majority of patients in your office. If you are looking for an economic scale, that will last as long as your office, the Healthometer 402KL is for you.


The answer for those physicians who prefer a new age digital scale over the traditional mechanical scale, is the Healthometer 500KL Digital Physician Scale. This scale defines the future of weight management with features including EMR Connectivity capability through Healthometer’s Professional Connectivity Solutions, which allows measurements to be sent automatically instead of manually, greatly reducing errors. This beautiful scale has seven different scale functions including Body Mass Index (BMI), which is not typically found on other scales, plus it has a 500 lb weight capacity that should be accessible for the majority of your patient base.   


Whether you decide on one of these extremely popular scales, or any other Healthometer scale that Mohawk Medical Mall has to offer, you can rest assured that you purchased a top of the line scale that will last ages.

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