Price Match Guarantee

Price Match Guarantee

What Qualifies?

A product may be eligible for price matching if it is Identical to brand and model number on the competitor's website.  Exclusions may apply including, but not limited to, in stock specials, scratch and dent products, discontinued models, refurbished products, and prices by large online retailers such as EBAY, Amazon, etc.  

How to Price Match?

If the product meets our eligibility, contact our customer support team at either 1-855-366-4295 or and direct us to the page competitor’s website featuring the product you would like us to match.

Special Considerations

Price matching applies to time of sale orders only and does not apply to orders already placed.  If we lower our price shortly after your purchase, it is because our new inventory was purchased during a dealer buy-in at a reduced price.  Price matching applies to a competitor’s pre-tax price. We do not take sales tax into consideration for price match purposes and will not override sales tax to match a competitor’s price.