• Allevyn 4x4 Polyurethane Foam Dressing Bx10

Allevyn provides a moist wound environment and can be left in place for much longer than traditional dressings such as gauze and tape. It has a unique polyurethane foam which absorbs more fluid than many other products for chronic wounds widely in use, such as hydrocolloids, alginates and other foams. Its highly absorbent 3-layer pad is ideal for heavy wound exudate management.

Patients receive improved treatment through minimal disruption to the healing process as well as maintenance of an appropriate wound healing environment in terms of moisture and warmth. Healthcare providers and payers benefit by reduced costs associated with nursing time, medical consumables and waste disposal.

  • Dressing is held securely in place
  • Fenestrated
  • Ideal for management of highly exudating wounds
  • Low allergy adhesive eliminates rolling

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Allevyn 4x4 Polyurethane Foam Dressing Bx10

  • $79.28