• Enthermics DC Series Fluid Warmer *R*
Enthermics fluid warming cabinets feature a patented cable heating array and an air mixing fan that assures an accurate set-point temperature. Enthermics fluid warmers are extremely accurate. We ensure that your fluids are kept at the proper temperature and are always available without the expense and set-up time needed for in-line warming systems.

The WarmRight concept ensures that you'll always have the right temperature for the right product.

Irrigation and injection fluids need to be warmed to different temperatures. Enthermics warmers are pre-programmed to warm irrigation and injection fluids to different set-point temperatures depending on the choice selected: irrigation fluids to 66°C/150°F, and injection fluids to 40°C/104°F.
  • Heat Fluids Safely and Intelligently
  • Patented multi-zone fluid heating system (patent number US 8,217,316) actively monitors the temperature in each zone of the cabinet and only provides heat when it is needed, where it is needed.
  • Efficient, balanced heating system allows for low energy consumption and minimal heat loss
  • Ultra-quiet fan provides balanced air movement and discreet operation
  • Energy-Efficient
  • Flat heating pads apply heat evenly over a wide area
  • Coated glass door reflects heat back into the cavity
  • Efficient and long-lasting LED bulb lights interior
  • On-board diagnostics alert staff when problems occur, such as power outages
  • On-board safety mechanisms prevent fluid overheating, even if a malfunction occurs due to external power surges
  • Audible alarms
  • Easy to use, hands-free door handle
  • Spring-loaded door hinge keeps the door open
  • Programmable controls
  • Set temperature can be locked


  • DC250L - 12 One Liter Bottle Capacity or 16 One Liter Bags 21.9'' x 18.4'' x 24.8''
  • DC400L - 20 One Liter Bottle Capacity or 28 One Liter Bags 21.9'' x 24'' x 27.1''

This is a Restricted Product, and can only be purchased by a physician.


To purchase this product, please have a licensed physician complete a Physician Only Authorization Form and return it to us, along with a copy of his/her Medical License. We will only ship to the address completed on the authorization form. 

Please fax documents to 315-797-0365 Attn: Restricted Authorization or mail to:

Mohawk Healthcare
Restricted Account Set-Up
PO Box 27
Utica, NY 13501  

This product cannot be returned due to the nature of the storage and possibility of the product being compromised.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact customer service at 855-366-4295.

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Enthermics DC Series Fluid Warmer *R*

  • $3,999.99

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