• Riester Ri-Cardio 24-Hour ABPM Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor
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A 24-hour blood pressure monitoring Ri-Cardio can view temporal blood pressure fluctuations, nocturnal blood pressure, nightly fall and morning rise in blood pressure. This monitor is used when there is a case of masked hypertension, therapy resistant hypertension, latrogenic hypertension and hypotension under anti-hypertensive therapy.

With a light, compact design and quiet pump, the design of this product is exceptional. 

Because the cuff is made of soft elastic material, lost readings at night due to the cuff slipping off or moving can be avoided. Its curved design also accommodates larger arm circumferences. It is machine washable. The cuffs come in two sizes (25 x 35 cm and 33 x 40 cm). 

This product's software--recognized by three international standards (BHS, EHS, and AAMI)--interprets the statistical results from periods while awake and asleep and gives the average values in the summary of blood pressure, pulse, heart rate, mean arterial blood pressure and blood pressure stress, summarizing the information in a PDF report, with an analysis of iatrogenic hypertension, time periods, et cetera. This product features flash memory to prevent losing data.


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Riester Ri-Cardio 24-Hour ABPM Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Brand: Riester
  • Product Code: 1760
  • $1,799.00