• Miltex Reusable Os Cervical Dilator Set
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Three convenient patterns provided within one reusable, latex-free and autoclavable set. Gradual tapered tips made from flexible and reusable PTFE material ensure smooth dilation of the cervix and are ideal for coaxing and opening a stenotic cervix during treatment of post menopausal patients. Excellent for cervical dilation prior to curette introduction for endometrial sampling, hysteroscopic and other related gynecological procedures.

Set includes one of each:

  • Os Locator: (single ring around handle) Naturally locates and gently opens the external os of the cervix
  • Canal Dilator: (double-ring around handle) Gently dilates and bends to the natural passage of the cervical canal
  • Fundus Sound: (triple-ring around handle) Longer tapered tip can pass through the entire length of the canal, open the internal os and sound the fundus to determine uterine depth

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Miltex Reusable Os Cervical Dilator Set

  • $90.50