• Miltex Biopblade Disposable Razor Sterile-Bx50 *R*
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The sterile, single-use BIOPBLADE is a flexible scalpel used for cutaneous surgery, including: shave biopsy, saucerization of flat lesions and leveling of pedunculated lesions. The unique design of the BIOPBLADE incorporates a comfortable and protective “Fingerguard” in addition to the flexible super sharp blade. This flexibility allows the blade to be positioned at the correct angle for the intended procedure. The BIOPBLADE is ideal for removal of a variety of dermal lesions presented to the Dermatologist, Podiatrist, Family Practitioner and Plastic Surgeon.

The BIOPBLADE is utilized for removal of lesions, either elevated (shave biopsy) or flat (saucerization). After the site is anesthetized, the BIOPBLADE™ is held and “bowed” between the thumb and fingers.* The lesion is removed at or just below the surface epithelium. Cosmetic results are normally good and the wound heals without the need for suturing. The Clinician will remove all of the lesion without overly deep penetration to avoid scarring.
This is a Restricted Product, and can only be purchased by a physician.

To purchase this product, please have a licensed physician from your office complete a Physician Only Authorization Form and return it to us, along with a copy of his/her DEA registration or state license. We will only ship to an address within the state of the license provided. 

Please fax documents to 315-797-0365 Attn: Mohawk Medical Mall or mail to:

Mohawk Medical Mall
Restricted Account Set-Up
335 Columbia St.
Utica, NY 13502 

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact customer service at 855-366-4295.

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Miltex Biopblade Disposable Razor Sterile-Bx50 *R*

  • Brand: Integra Miltex
  • Product Code: 33-100
  • Restricted Product - Only Physicians May Purchase
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