• 3M Tempa-Dot Single Use Thermometer Strips - Bx100
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The Tempa•DOT™ Sterile, Single Use (Disposable) Clinical Thermometer is our most popular product. It is specifically designed for high-accuracy and for the prevention of cross-contamination that can expose patients to infections such as C.difficile, MRSA, Norovirus, and Rotavirus. These infections are easily spread through casual person-to-person and object-to-person contact. Tempa•DOT™ thermometers circumvent this risk by eliminating the use of reusable equipment (which often carries infectious disease) and by providing a clean, sterile instrument that is used with a single patient and then discarded.

Tempa•DOT™ Thermometers provide a fast and accurate reading in one minute. To use: unwrap the thermometer and place the thermometer in the patient's mouth; wait one minute; remove the thermometer; wait 10 seconds; read the temperature scale looking for the last blue dot; discard when finished. Axillary (underarm) temperature measurements can be taken with this thermometer, leaving it in place for 3 minutes.

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3M Tempa-Dot Single Use Thermometer Strips - Bx100

  • Brand: 3M
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