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Pill Crusher

Not sure on which unit will work best for you? CLICK HERE to check out our blog post Silent Knight vs. First Crush
Pill Crusher

Silent Knight Pill Crusher
Silent Knight Pill Crusher
The silent knight pill crusher is your assurance that tablets will be smoothly and quietly crushed, day or night, without disturbing patients. And, the Lifetime Warranty ensures that the silent knight crusher will be the only tablet crushing system you'll ever need.

-Silent - will not disturb patient
-Patient Safe - eliminates cross contamination
-Accurate - complete dosage for patient
-Efficient - crush multiple tablets at once
-User Safe - requires minimal force to crush
-Proven - the gold standard for tablet crushing
-Cost Effective - no costly liquid medications

Pill Crusher Pouches
Silent Knight Pill Crusher Pouches
Pill Crusher Pouches are designed with a curved base and curved opening to guarantee the full recovery and accuracy of all medications. When used with Silent Knight machine, the pouch will effectively eliminate cross contamination and ensure accurate medication dosage.

Electric Pill Crusher

Electric Pill Crusher

First Crush Electronic Pill Crusher
GEN2 First Crush Pill Crusher
Introducing First Crush Automatic Pill Crusher, automated technology that helps people, patients and pets swallow medication accurately and painlessly...

Pill Crusher Cups
2nd Generation Pill Crusher Cups
These cups are for use with the 2nd Generation Pill Crusher, NOT for use with the 1st Generation Pill Crusher. These Pill Crusher Cups feature a unique Medshield FDA cleared "Static Free Treatment", leaving no residue in the cup after grinding.

Pill Organizers
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